Meet the Family

Meet Patty

Personal Background Patty (my aunt) is fifty-one years old and has a twelfth grade education, has certificate training and holds a supreme court of New Jersey certification to work as a court administrator. She is originally from Belmar New Jersey, has two kids and identifies as being Catholic. Her religion does not influence her votingContinue reading “Meet Patty”

Meet Theresa

Personal Background Theresa (my mother) is fifty-three years old and the oldest of five children. She is Jackie’s daughter, Patty’s sister, Chris’s wife and Chuck’s Aunt. (These are all other people interviewed on this site.) Theresa was born in Fairbanks Alaska while her father was serving in the Vietnam war. Not long after did theyContinue reading “Meet Theresa”

Meet Chris

Personal Background Chris (my father) is fifty-six years old and has a twelfth grade education level. Back then vocational school didn’t really exist for those who wanted to become electricians. He studied underneath his father who was a self-employed electrical contractor, and as years went on he would take classes to update his licensing. HeContinue reading “Meet Chris”

Meet Jackie

Personal Background Jackie (my grandmother) is seventy-two years old and has a twelfth grade education and took some college level classes. She is from Belmar New Jersey. She is the oldest of eight children, four girls and four boys. She went on to have five children of her own and then have eleven grandchildren. SheContinue reading “Meet Jackie”

Meet Chuck

One of the main ideas for this project was for each person to be displayed through photographs. Chuck chose not to be identified through pictures of any sort, which is his right through and through. Chuck or as I call him “Cousin Chuck” is my oldest cousin on the maternal side of my family. HeContinue reading “Meet Chuck”

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