“We have become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams.”
― Jimmy Carter

About the Site

Many of us are told not to discuss politics with friends and family because it can become divisive, but what if we started at the root of who inspired, created and gave us those experiences to lead to those ideals we hold close to our hearts. 

Most of us like to believe that politics keeps us apart on our individual sides of the aisle, but I believe with a lengthy list of questions, long conversation, a chance to let people speak without being cutoff by timers, censorship, judgment or interjections. In a time where we are “so close” we can sometimes feel “so far apart,” but its important to remember that when we cast our votes we all do it as human beings thinking with the mindset that its the best for ourselves and our loved ones. 

The premise of my Senior Thesis was to gather some vivid family members and interview them on their political beliefs and opinions and see where they stood on the idea on if politics made family life stressful or caused strife. Through interviewing them and their personal profiles I found that some enjoyed being politically diverse and loved the myriad of conversations it brought. Others found it dreadful and came to know politics as something dark and uncomfortable.

Listed below are the questions I used to ask my relatives their views on politics within a family.


Personal Profile:

Specific Political Group:

Are you part of any specific religious group/does this impact your voting:

Did your parents talk a lot of politics in the home growing up:

Are you comfortable having political discussions with friends, family members, coworkers etc:

If you don’t agree with these people what ends up happening:

Where do you get your news from/how many hours a week of news do you consume:

What do you wish people from the other political party knew about yours:

Have you ever participated in a protest/rally/march:

What things do you vote against:

What things do you vote for:

Do you believe there should be a third party:

Should women be allowed to run for president:

Do you feel as though you ever had to lean a certain way politically to fit in with friends, family, coworkers etc:

Are you okay standing alone with your beliefs and values or do you need to be surrounded by likeminded individuals:

Would you date someone/be friends with someone if they didn’t have the same political beliefs as you:

Are family dinners or holidays tense due to differing political beliefs:

Do you avoid certain topics, discussions or “triggering” ideas:

If the government were to propose a new budget plan, what do you believe should get cut first to save taxpayer money:

Do you believe in paying taxes:

Are you scared the government will take away any of your rights, if so which rights:

How do you plan to defend your rights if they were to become under attack:

Do you vote in all elections (federal, state, local):

Did you vote in the 2016 election, who did you vote for:

Have you ever relied on government assistance:

What do you look for in a presidential candidate:

Can you describe a time where certain policies affected you/upset you, or you worried that they would: