Meet Patty

Personal Background

Patty (my aunt) is fifty-one years old and has a twelfth grade education, has certificate training and holds a supreme court of New Jersey certification to work as a court administrator. She is originally from Belmar New Jersey, has two kids and identifies as being Catholic. Her religion does not influence her voting style. She does not identify with any specific political group, her exact words were “whoever I feel is right for the job.”

“Growing up I don’t really recall any political conversations.” Now as an adult that’s a majority of what Patty seems to hear when family is around. “No, I’m not comfortable actively having a political discussion with people I know. Especially family. Now it’s a heated topic because Donald Trump is president.” When Patty finds herself in a conversation she doesn’t want to have she leaves the room.


Facebook, News 12 New Jersey and other local news stations. After telling me with a straight face she relied on Facebook for news she laughed and said she was just kidding. I’m glad one person during this whole project had a sense of humor. “I believe I consume maybe two hours of news a week and maybe fifteen minutes a day.”

In response to “what do you wish people of the other political party knew about yours?” Patty responded with a sarcastic grin and said “that we aren’t libtards.” Patty has never participated in any type of protest or march. “I probably will never. I don’t like crowds or guns. There’s too much of a possibility of a bad thing happening.

Vote Against

Legalizing Marijuana “My personal belief is that it could be a gateway drug for some people.”

General Government and Policies

“There should be a third party in American politics, because it might take some of the focus off of the libtards.” Patty does believe that women should be allowed to run for president.

Patty never felt as though she had to lean a certain way politically to fit in with her family or peers. “I’m a maybe on being able to stand alone with my beliefs and values. Its always nice having someone to talk to.” Dating someone and being friends with someone of different political values isn’t all too weird for Patty. “To each his own. I don’t see a problem with it.”

Family dinners and holidays can be tense due to differing political beliefs, but Patty has her own way to go about it. “Well, if the gathering is at my house I don’t let people talk about politics. If the gathering is elsewhere I wouldn’t say its tense but its frustrating. They talk about how great Donald Trump is and how stupid anyone who doesn’t believe in him is. I don’t think anyone has the right to judge someone on their political beliefs.” Patty also does her best to avoid political topics because its something she really doesn’t care to discuss.

When asked “if the government were to propose a new budget plan, what do you believe should get cut to save tax payer money?” Patty’s response was, “cut foreign aid our country needs help. There also needs to be salary cuts for senators and congress, they don’t represent the people, they represent the people who buy them. Their sponsors.” Patty is afraid that the government will take away some of her rights. “The right to choose should not be taken away ever. A woman should have the right to choose what she does with her body. I don’t think the right to bear arms should be taken away ever. I just believe in it. I don’t have a reason for it. It needs to be done properly with owning a permit.” If Patty’s rights were to come under attack she laughingly claimed she would crawl under her desk at work and hide. “In reality I would vote my way out. What else can I do? I certainly would not attend a rally?” Patty tries to vote in all federal state and local elections. She believes every vote is important.

Paying taxes are how Patty makes a living. She wouldn’t have her job (court administrator) without people paying their taxes. “I also believe in paying taxes because the money goes to help people, roadwork and the betterment of society. Patty voted in the 2016 presidential election. “I voted for Jill Stein. I didn’t want Trump or Hillary to win. Hillary didn’t seem like the woman for it. Growing up Patty relied on government assistance such as welfare and food stamps after her parents divorced. Her father didn’t pay child support, but eventually they managed to get off of welfare. Considering a presidential candidate, Patty wants someone who seems to actually care about the people in the country.

Published by Hannah Pringle

I am a communications and public relations professional currently living in Philadelphia, PA. My interests range from the arts, food and traveling.

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